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Recognition of Corner Theatre Academy

Here at CTA, our director always reminds us that we don't do what we do for the trophies. We have received many, yes, but we also know what it feels like to walk away with nothing, knowing we left our all on that stage. In those moments, we leave hoping that we made a difference to someone with that performance. We create theatre to change minds, to make people think, and to move every generation. Although the accolades are wonderful, we would do it all again just to have that one random student approach one of us and describe how our show changed their life or their perspective. For all of us at CTA, theatre is family. Theatre matters and makes a difference in the lives of all who even get close. Theatre is love and acceptance, and theatre is hope for a better tomorrow. We love what we do, and for just a few moments, we would like to take the time to showcase our achievements of recent years at CTA.
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