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CTA'S '20-'21 Competition:
The Very Grey Matter Of Edward Blank

     We began the fall semester of 2020 unsure of how our reality would unfold. We had a beautiful show that we knew must be told. We masked up, kept our distance, sanitized and began our first journey to film our major competition piece. Of course, there were bumps in the road, but The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank will forever be a favorite here at CTA. This piece brought the best out of our actors and crew. They challenged themselves; whether brand new to theatre or a veteran to the craft, everyone gave their all.
     A piece full of raw emotion and realistic and brutal honesty surrounding the truth of mental health for many people, these performances were some of the most true our golden seats have seen. We are honored to be able to bring awareness to the true struggles within the world of mental health, and we are so proud of these young actors who helped us reveal the difficult truth.  
     If you missed the show, simply go to  to watch the official trailer and to watch CTA's film of
The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank.

Alabama Thespian Festival
Best in Show 2021



"a hilarious, heart-breaking story of madness and lost love"


Matthew Piper, Nathan Mann, Kyla Briscoe, Morgan Rollins, Edward Boackle, & Peyton Rouse


International Thespian Festival
Best in Show 2021


"Edward is far from alone. Emerging from his fractured conscience is an anarchic family of imagined characters, each with a hook in Edward's life that pulls him deeper into fantasy. Each day the circus begins anew..."


Nolan Mann, Peyton Rouse, Hannah Dean, Raye Sides, Laynie Gossett, Victoria Chandler, Madison Manning, Garrett Tilley, Zoe Whorton, Shelby Jones, Nathan Mann, & Emily Allred

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