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Our Seniors
Class of 2022


Savannah Silas
Savannah has been a member of Corner Theatre Academy for six years. Savannah has not only loved the performance aspect of theatre, but also the  technical aspect as a stage manager. Some of her favorite roles include the Genie in Aladdin Jr., the Doctor in The Yellow Boat, Lucy in Bright Star, and the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods. Savannah will always treasure the experiences she had while at CTA, including serving as Thespian Troupe 6639’s president her senior year,  traveling to Nebraska in 2018 for the International Thespian Festival,  Placing Second at State Trumbauer for her stage management of Beauty and the Beast, and being a part of the first show in CTA history to be passed on to the SETC (Southeastern Theatre Conference).

While these amazing opportunities have lead to memories she will never forget, Savannah most cherishes the memories she has created with the friends she gained at CTA. Corner Theatre Academy provided a comfortable place for Savannah to grow into the person that she has become today. She is grateful for each and every person who has been involved with CTA during her time there as they have contributed to enriching her life and growing her as a person in ways she never thought possible. Savannah is especially grateful for Megan Garner and Debra Reeser. All of the countless hours they have poured into her as mentors, not only grew her as a performer and stage manager, but also as a human being. Savannah can confidently say she would not be the person she is today without CTA and the wonderful people involved with it. Corner Theatre has truly changed her life for the better and it will always hold a very special place in her heart. After graduation, Savannah will attend the University of Alabama and major in Social Work. 

Shelby Jones
Shelby has had the wonderful honor of being a member of CTA for seven years. She has helped with and gratefully been a part of seventeen different shows since her sixth grade year. Some of her favorite roles include: The Wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast, Nana in Tuck Everlasting and Flotsam in The Little Mermaid. She also is honored to have starred as Greta in CTA’s award winning show Dark Road, a role that won her All Star Cast at the Walter Trumbauer District Theatre Festival and Best Leading Role at State Trumbauer. Dark Road is traveling to SETC this Spring and Shelby couldn’t be more proud of her fellow cast members for all they have accomplished thus far! Shelby has enjoyed engaging in several different areas of theatre, from building set pieces in Mulan, Jr. to creating Sven in DIsney’s Frozen Jr; she also helped behind the scenes in CTA’s production of The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank as a spotlight operator. 
Though Shelby is saddened to acknowledge her time with Corner Theatre gradually coming to a close, she is beyond proud to be able to say she has made a home away from home and a family with the other members of CTA. She loves each and every one of them ever so much! Likewise, she can’t wait to see what future generations of CTA do!
Shelby plans to move to Nashville, Tennessee after graduation, but despite the move hopes to have the privilege of returning to Corner to help with future productions wherever and whenever she can.


Peyton Rouse
Peyton has been a part of Corner Theatre Academy since her freshman year. She has had the privilege to participate in 13 of CTA’s wonderful productions. Some of her most memorable roles have been playing Rizzo in Grease, Sarah Blank (the girl on the tape) in The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Mama Murphy in Bright Star, Lise in Dark Road, and Cinderella in Into the Woods. She has also been active in the tech department having been an assistant stage manager for Mulan Jr., The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank, and a stage manager for Frozen Jr. and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Peyton has also been blessed to have worked with the “littles” in CTA’s summer camp shows, teaching them to love theatre, and to not be afraid to try new things. Her most memorable moments were receiving Best Supporting Actress in a One-Act at District Trumbauer in 2021, Dark Road being passed to State Trumbauer, winning All-Star Cast for her performance as Lise in Dark Road, and being passed on to SETC with her closest friends.
As for her future plans, Peyton plans to attend Wallace State Community College in the fall of 2022 to pursue a career in dental hygiene, while minoring in theatre. Peyton is honored to have spent her time on stage with people that she considers to be her family. Not only is she grateful to those people for making her experience at CTA a dream, but she is also grateful for her parents, Megan Garner, Matthew Piper, and Debra Reeser for showing her how to find her voice and confidence, supporting her as an actress and singer, and showing her that theatre is so much more than memorizing lines and saying them on stage. She would not be the person she is today without these people and she would not trade all the hardships, tears, laughter, stress, and love for anything else in the world. As her time with CTA comes to an end, she is sad to leave such a life-changing department, that has changed her life forever and given her many memories that will last her a lifetime.
“Friends are family you find along the way.”- Unknown
Colossians 3:14 “But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.”

Ella Jane Morton
Ella Jane has been a part of CTA since her sophomore year. She has been a part of six outstanding shows as a tech and an actor. She started out as a member of the run crew for Tuck Everlasting. She was an assistant stage manager for Beauty and the Beast and Bright Star. She did costume design for Frozen Jr., Dark Road, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She was a prisoner in Dark Road and Cinderella’s Stepmother in Into The Woods. By far her proudest accomplishment in CTA was winning the All Star Cast award for her role of a prisoner in Dark Road at District Trumbauer. But even more than that, she is proud to be a part of the award winning show, Dark Road.

She is so thankful for her friends who encouraged her to audition and try something new. She is also so thankful for Megan Garner, Matthew Piper, and Debra Reeser for pushing her to be the best she can be. She has gained a new confidence in herself with acting. She will be forever grateful for CTA and the person it has shaped her to be. She will cherish the memories she has made here for a lifetime. After high school, Ella Jane is attending the University of South Alabama to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. 

Garrett Tilley.JPG

Garrett Tilley
Garrett is a senior who has been involved in CTA since his freshman year when he performed in his first show Grease. Since then, he has been the sound designer for many shows including Tuck Everlasting, Letters to Sala, and The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank. He is performing in his final two shows to have more memories with CTA friends before graduating. His favorite CTA moment was when Dark Road got passed onto State. Garrett would like to thank Mrs. Reeser, Mrs. Garner, and Mr. Garner for the best memories during his time at CTA.
After high school, Garrett plans to attend UAB to major in early childhood development.

Zoe Whorton
Zoe has been a member of Corner Theatre Academy since 2018 when she participated in her first show, Aladdin Jr. Since then, she has acted in and done tech for 10 shows including The Yellow Boat as a spotlight operator, Willy Wonka as Phineas’ cameraman/Oompa Loompa, Dark Road as Woman 4/ Prisoner 5, and her most recent and favorite role, The Steward in Into the Woods. Zoe has loved getting to experience both the acting and technical sides of theatre! She is grateful for the opportunities theatre has given her. From gaining so much self-confidence, to all the lifelong friendships she will carry past high school, CTA will forever hold a special place in her heart!
After high school, Zoe plans on obtaining an associate's degree in Emergency Medical Services at Wallace State Community College to become a Paramedic. She wants to say a special thank you to Megan Garner and Debra Reeser for always believing in her and pushing her out of her comfort zone to be the best person she can be both on and off stage. And to her family and friends, thank you for your continuous support over the years!

Her one piece of advice to current and future CTA members is to never be afraid to be yourself and take that next step. It may seem scary at first, but you never know how much it could impact you!


Hannah Dean
I have been a member of CTA since 2018. I became a Thespian Member and Officer my ninth grade year. I started as a Fundraiser Advisory and then was voted into the Secretary position my senior year. I have done many jobs including Properties Mistress, ASM, SM, and even was a member of the ensemble in High School Musical. Some of my favorite shows I had the opportunity to participate in were: The Yellow Boat, The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank, and Bright Star. I have created many memories with everyone involved in CTA and am very grateful for all the friends I have made. I would like to thank Megan Garner and Debra Reeser for giving me the wonderful experience that being a member of CTA has been. I have enjoyed my time learning the many aspects of theatre and leadership and can not believe the time is at end. After high school, I plan to attend the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, majoring in Pastry Arts, with the intention of some day opening my own bakery.

Laynie Gossett
Laynie Gossett has been a member of CTA since her sophomore year. She has been in several CTA productions, her favorite shows she has been in include Tuck Everlasting, Beauty and the Beast and Bright Star. She has also helped backstage as an assistant stage manager for Tuck Everlasting, and operated the sound board for Frozen Jr.  One of her most memorable moments was receiving the opportunity to be in the not only district, but state winning performances of Dark Road.

She is beyond thankful for everything CTA has given her- the love it has shown her and experiences it has brought her. Her plans for the future are to see the world and succeed in finding herself; she prays she only continues to move forward after leaving CTA. She thanks Megan Garner for being the best mentor to her, for building her up at times she needed it the most, and for never giving up on her. She would also like to thank Debra Reeser for always encouraging her to be the best she could be, for always teaching her the ways of real life. Again, Laynie is beyond thankful for CTA for changing her life. She’s saddened to leave, but she wants everyone to know it has been the most incredible experience she has ever had.
#chickennoodle <3


Milly Tucker

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