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Stay Involved with your CTA Family!



     Fellow friends, family, and CTA alumni, we want to see your faces! We are so grateful for your experiences in laying the foundation of Corner Theatre and helping it to survive and thrive to what it is today. We would like to host more events for our alumni. We want to see you , wonderfully-talented, graduated people more often, both in those golden seats, and maybe even on stage again! 

     We hold an annual alumni event in honor of the late Trey Phillips and in support of his theatre scholarship fund. We use this event to also raise awareness to Marfan Syndrome in honor of Trey. Many of you may have attended or participated in previous years. Please come out this year as well! The date for the 2023-2024 event is January 6, 2024 at 7pm. 

     We would love to have and host more events for all of you! We are currently brainstorming events for fall, holidays, and summer. We welcome your ideas! Please email Emily Allred at, Lexie Reeves Stamps at, or Matthew Piper at with thoughts, questions, and ideas AND to reserve your place whether on stage, behind the scenes, or in a golden seat at our Annual Alumni Event to raise money for our beloved scholarship by DECEMBER 1, 2023!

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