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Class of 2023


Miriam Norman

Miriam has been a member of CTA since her sophomore year of high school when she participated in her first show, Beauty and the Beast, as part of the ensemble. Since then, she has been a part of 8 more shows with CTA. Some of her favorite roles have been Well-Dressed Woman in Bright Star, Granny/Cinderella’s Mother in Into the Woods, Father Alexandrios in Mamma Mia, and Aunt Em in The Wizard of Oz. She has also enjoyed helping with the summer camps as crew for Frozen Jr. and an assistant stage manager for Moana Jr. One of her favorite memories with CTA was being passed onto SETC with the show Dark Road. She has also had the honor of serving as Thespian Troupe 6639 Secretary her senior year.
She is so grateful for the time she has spent in CTA and will always cherish the memories she has made. She would like to thank Megan Garner, Debra Reeser, and the entire CTA family for helping her become the person she is today. She will always cherish her time at CTA and is forever grateful for the family she has found.
After high school, Miriam plans to attend the University of West Alabama and major in Early Childhood Education.

Ashlyn Cate Turner

Ashlyn Cate Turner is a senior at Mortimer Jordan High School and has been a part of CTA for a little over a year. She has been in three shows with her favorite role being the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. She was also choreographer for Moana, Jr and The WIzard of Oz. Ashlyn Cate plans to attend Auburn University in the fall, majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Musical Theatre. Ashlyn Cate’s favorite part of CTA is the community that CTA inhabitants.

“Being from a different school, when I joined CTA, I was welcomed with open arms and kindness from everyone. I immediately noticed a sense of family within the department and I soon felt a part of that family. I am grateful for Megan Garner and Debra Reeser for not only being teachers and mentors, but being role models for everyone, inside and outside of CTA. The experiences I have had while in the department have helped me to have the confidence and passion for musical theatre that I will take with me for the rest or my life!”


Jay Marsh


Jay has been a member of CTA since 2021, being the costume designer for Into the Woods, Mamma Mia, The Wizard of Oz and many more memorable shows.  Jay also has been a thespian in troupe #6639 for 2 years and served as the historian for their senior year. Jay's proudest moment in CTA was winning 3rd place at State Trumbauer their senior year. 


They are so appreciative of everyone who encouraged them to do their first show, opening the door for so many new friendships and memories.  After high school, Jay plans to attend the University of Montevallo to pursue a career in art education.


Jay is honored to have spent these past 3 years with their CTA family. They are extremely appreciative of their mentors, Megan Garner and Debra Reeser, especially, for teaching them everything they know about costume design and helping them, not only in the costume shop but, in all walks of life. Jay believes that the blood, sweat, and tears shed during these shows are all worth it in the end. Putting on a beautiful performance for the community is extremely rewarding. Jay will never forget their time in CTA and the relationships built in the department.


Once a CTA kiddo, always a CTA kiddo.

Lee Moran

Lee has been apart of CTA for 2 years, since the end of their sophomore year. They have participated in 4 shows working in technical theatre.  They started out as run crew for Bright Star and worked their way to becoming stage manager of Mamma Mia.

After high school, they plan to get a Bachelor's degree in English and become a teacher. They want to give a very, very special thanks to Megan Garner and Debra Resser for always supporting them and inspiring them in all aspects of life. CTA will always be held as a special time in their life. As sad as it is to leave, they're grateful to have been able to experience the community of friendships. 


Ella Hunter

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